Star Wars – an awakening of enthusiasm…

I’m not going to say much more than “it was the movie I’d been hoping to see since Jedi”.


So much so that I went home and broke out the sketch book and drew a bunch of characters with lightsabres fighting the forces of the empire…

(Just to be clear, there are no spoilers here, most of these characters don’t even feature in the movie, or the others, just me getting of on designing characters that COULD exist in that universe…)

x Scan 11x Scan 15x Scan 9


x Scan 12x Scan 2

…and then some weird stuff I can’t really explain.

x Untitled-2x Untitled-1x Scan

It was cool…

I want to go see it again… My fave scene? Snoke… the scale of that. Loved It. Reminded me of some of the scale ideas I’d played with with my last Star Wars fan art outing.


~ by hesir on January 6, 2016.

One Response to “Star Wars – an awakening of enthusiasm…”

  1. Great and COOL sketches Mr. Gareth. They’re simply amazing. You have really inspired me do some of my own within my spare time!

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