…Isn’t it ALL just “Fan Art”? – Part 002 Black Planet Storyboard

…Well just to be sure… this stuff really is.

I don’t do much stuff with other peoples properties, I did a bunch of Rocket and Groot images when the “Guardians” movie came out, I did a few Thark/Martian Manhunter crossover images way back, and I’ll occasionally let my enthusiasm for Hellboy get out the cage and onto the sketchbook page… but that’s it.

But the new Trailer (you know which trailer)… well, that fired me up to have some fun.

Particularly the whole fans vs. lightsaber design heresy stuff I was reading on that crazy-man’s poet’s-corner… the internet.

So this is where I’m at with it all… Cue music…


…I doubt any of the new films will be as dark as I would like them to be.

But I guess I’ll still go back and see them whenever they release them.

I’d really like to find out that yes, there was only ever one master, and one apprentice since the Banite Sith orthodoxy… but what if that was only true per galaxy… and that occasionally all those masters and apprentices came together for their own training day… and we get to meet the Masters of The Masters on a Black Planet somewhere in the dark spaces between the other worlds…  and what if a rebel had followed them there.


No harm or foul was meant by this post… it’s just fan art, from a fan.

~ by hesir on December 12, 2014.

One Response to “…Isn’t it ALL just “Fan Art”? – Part 002 Black Planet Storyboard”

  1. […] I want to go see it again… My fave scene? Snoke… the scale of that. Loved It. Reminded me of some of the scale ideas I’d played with with my last Star Wars fan art outing. […]

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