About: Gareth Sleightholme (AKA hesir)

I have over two decades experience of hands-on production of all areas of Illustration (inc. Historical and Archaeological), Graphic Design for display & print (inc. large scale retail and exhibition work), Production Design for Exhibition, Museums, Visitor Attractions & Film.

I have lectured in animation at The Norwich School of Art & Design, Norwich, UK, where I was part of the team that helped develop and see validated the Masters Degree in Animation & Sound Design, and am currently a lecturer at the Hull School of Art & Design (HSAD) lecturing in Games Design and Animation (Degree level), having previously taught art, illustration and design skills with a bias towards production design for entertainment media to the Extended Btec Diploma students at the Park Street, School of Art & Design, Hull.

I have recently completed my Masters Degree looking at “Visualisation of Educational Concepts in an Art School Environment“.

I am currently looking at Concept Art and Design relating to Games and researching the links between Creativity/Reading and Empathy .

My full CV can be found here: http://www.coroflot.com/hesir/profile

x Stuff 011 - Self Portrait

To discuss how I might be able to help you with your projects, contact: hesir@hotmail.co.uk

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