Thought Bubble 2015… only two months away.

So, just a quick update on all things comics, or Thought Bubble related:

So, we have a table… You’ll be able to find me and whoever else is joining Sarah and I at the Iron Shod Ape stand in the New Dock Hall (our first year in that space, we are a little awed and excited by the prospect, despite having loved the two years we had in – virtually the same spot in Royal Armouries Hall).

I’m currently finishing a six page post global catastrophe comic for a new horror anthology called Horrere, to debut at Thought Bubble 2015… WIP inks grey-toning and pencils below.

xx Horrere - You Are What You Eat - Page 004


Pencils for Maddox's Room

Driven by, and including work from the following creators: Robin Jones (Writer of: The Kings Leap, Papercuts & Inkstains), Alisdair Wood (Beagle), Michael Sambrook (Papercuts & Inkstains), Al McLauchlan, & Neil Ford… all of whom are very talented chaps… Go check out their great stuff.

This all follows on from the work on “The Kings Leap” with writer and comics letterer extraordinaire Robin Jones of Madius comics… All the Art is Now done for this, and we should be seeing press online shortly about its release and again, its debut at Thought Bubble.

xxx Kings Leap - Page 001 - WIP

It’s been a really fun comic to artwork, lots of sword, giants and monsters…

xxx Kings Leap - Page 002 detail A

…and who doesn’t like to draw Vikings?

xxx Kings Leap - Page 004 detail

xxx Kings Leap - Page 006

Beyond that, I’m still investigating the possibility of having a collected book of sketches ready for the show,

0 - aa 100 Drawings Sketchbook Cover A

…but this might not happen this year, or at least not that early in the year, though it is coming together slowly.

Then there is the overdue final part to the St. George tale “The White Ship“,

Ladon - Dragon - St George

…part of the ongoing Cthulhiad comic book narrative… That will probably take the form of a “ashcan”, line work only, comic; offered at a reduced price.

I’d also hoped to get a short intro to the new stories that Sarah and I are working on together, called about The Red Corsair, an espionage comic set in the 1930’s and 1940’s featuring a merry band of adventurers working out of their museum “base(ment) of operations” in Hull of all places.

Female Flyer Comic 006 - Comic Cover Sketch

Pencil Layouts for Corsair Comic - Page 01

Whether or not that will reach fulfilment in time for publication for #TBF15 only time will tell…

Still, there will be plenty of work on the table, plenty for people to peruse and buy… so, see you at Thought Bubble 2015, best comics event in the UK (if not before of course).




~ by hesir on September 3, 2015.

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