King’s Leap – Vikings Vs Monsters …a comic book.


…just a little teaser.

Promo Image 002“The old woman smiled”

To let you know work is slowly coming together on a B/W comic written by the “very metal” Rob Jones (@RobJonesWrites) and illustrated by myself… called King’s Leap.

It has Vikings in it… I’m sure you’ll like it…

Promo Image 001The creature fell, transforming …then SLAM!

Keep an eye on my twitter feed (@hesir) and that of Madius Comics (@madiuscomics) for more teaser art, also check out there last release Papercuts and Inkstains, and finally, don’t forget to track us all down at this years Thoughtbubble!

Art below… work in progress (highlights, shadows and text to be added etc) on Page 6, King’s Leap.

x Promo Page Kings Leap- Page 006

…more to come.




~ by hesir on April 20, 2015.

4 Responses to “King’s Leap – Vikings Vs Monsters …a comic book.”

  1. looking great

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  4. […] all follows on from the work on “The Kings Leap” with writer and comics letterer extraordinaire Robin Jones of Madius comics… All the Art […]

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