Drawing Pen and White Gel Pen “Selfies”… – June 2013

The “Selfie”, no doubt be next years dubious entrant into the OED lexicon.

Noun – A picture of the self, by ones self… sometimes not showing ones self in the best light (or lighting conditions).

A self-portrait.

Most well thought of photographers have done it… albeit with a cable release.

And most traditional artists (and to be fair those digital artists who see the value in traditional methods) …lets face it, if its good enough for Da Vinci, Durer and Rembrandt, well… It’s good enough for you.

1 – Drawn at Sarah’s, stood looking into the main living room mirror. 20th June. 2013

0 0 a - Selfies - Drwing 001

I really do look like Dato Bakhtadze from Wanted in this…

2, 3, and 4 – all in the same room, this time seated, with a mirror placed in front, raised on a low table; to the left on the sofa; and in front and below on the floor respectively.

0 0 a - Selfies - Drwing 002

…and yeah, that last one, sheesh. Peter Ustinov or what?

Selfie 003


~ by hesir on July 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Drawing Pen and White Gel Pen “Selfies”… – June 2013”

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