York Interlude and other recent Observational Drawing / Urban Sketching

Passing through York for a meeting, and having to fill about an hour’s stop over…

York Drawings

I would have really liked to have drawn the Minster towers as seen from about the same spot as St Wilfred’s, it looks fantastic with all the scaffolding, like a medieval castle from a Gilliam movie.

There is so much to draw here. I really wish I could act upon my instincts to get observational drawing for all art school students placed much higher on the educational agenda, especially when I find myself in such a visually rich environment as this.

York 2

Drawn while waiting for the bus home.

Of course there are other subjects closer to home too.


The Larkin Statue, Hull Station (while seeing friends off to London).

Riverside Studios

On the way out of work one evening…

Cemetery Too

Even small details can be worth it (Chant’s Avenue/Spring Bank West Cemetery).

And closer to home still.

Recent Self Portrait sketches.

…and this, which I guess could be called a “no longer part of the self-portrait”.


You may have also missed what a great opportunity THIS was for me – Slipstream – quick drawings of Europe’s largest ever free hanging sculpture under construction… here in Hull.

~ by hesir on August 8, 2013.

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