…a thought (& visualisation) avalanche – MA Stuff

Just some quick thoughts, some in visual form on my studies for my MA…

Thought 1 – I had begun to wonder whether my root idea of “Visualising Educational Concepts for use in an Art School environment”, might be sitting at odds with my belief that students should in fact read more than they do, particularly art students…

But, thinking about it, perhaps I just needed to clarify my position. Which i believe is:

Rather than replacing written documentation and content with Visual Communication, I am in fact proposing the use of visualisation as introductory “Gateways” to subject matter, content or concepts that might when looked at in further depth require complexly arranged and structured written content.

Thought 2 – Maps and Way Finding Signs have become so heavily used and a part of our everyday lives across a range of languages and cultures that we forget that they are in fact still a form of illustration and visualisation.

I’m beginning to think that maybe this sort of imagery might be the way to show not only the conceptual route for the student, but the pitfalls and bonuses along the way and also tap into existing knowledge regarding the users understanding of these educational images, this might well be a better starting point than something potentially obfuscating such as a personally preferred aesthetic or style.

First up a quick video walk through of a 3D version of my Drawing Board Game, designed to help students understand what will and wont benefit their drawing and perhaps even where they are in the greater scheme of things regarding their progress as a draughtsperson.

Below is a top down of the game as it stands…

The red and green squares in this signify a “choice square”, and much like in the Game of Life the player, regardless of their dice roll score cannot pass this square. Once on the square they will have an A or B choice, this will be diced by rolling odd or even numbers…

There is potential for this as a simple fold out board game with counters, a 3D board game for use in an Art School Foyer as a mini-installation, an online immersive environment/game, and perhaps even an installation on a larger scale in an appropriate part of the college grounds…

Elsewhere I’ve been looking at the ideas associated with a students journey through higher education… looking at differing learners having to take fundamentally different routes through what is essentially the same degree…

I’ll work on this a little more before explaining was going on here…

~ by hesir on December 2, 2011.

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