Board Game/Teaching Tool Concept – Learning to Draw

Marking student work based on BTEC Diploma – Unit 75 “Drawing for Observation” – 16 – 19 yr olds (yes, there are 74 more important units it seems…), and this idea popped into my head.

It might well be something I can look at in my Masters project work.

Learning to Draw… the Board Game.

Basically the player rolls a dice and moves forward through an elaborate map/landscape formed of the things that will improve your drawing skills and the the things that won’t, landing on certain squares will send you back a few paces etc. other revelations will move you on.

I guess its a cross between snakes and ladders and one of those allagorical maps of Dante’s vision of Hell*.

Perhaps something more like the above, with an allegorical landscape visualized around the path…

It’ll definitely need more work…

A list of pro and con style rules and attitudes might be useful too:

Leaps forward –

You begin to consider the final context of your drawings before you set pen/pencil to paper.

Setbacks –

You think to yourself “I just want to do tattoos, my mate has a shop, surely I don’t need to learn all this other stuff.”


*If I remember right we had one of these on the door in our student house (back in the day) with pins to represent us and where we where that day depending on our mood circumstance… unless I’ve invented a false memory.

~ by hesir on October 28, 2011.

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