3D Design/Exhibitions/Events brief 002 – “Event”

This project was initially designed as part of a series of notional briefs making up the preliminary discussions and R&D for the ill-fated (if well-meant) Diploma models of level 3 education.
Broad in scope, and not particularly influenced by unit descriptions within that education model, these briefs will incorporate elements of professional practice based on my experience of industry balanced with an exploration of the various and multifaceted roles and responsibilities within the ever increasing career set we call “the creative industries“.
As portfolio builders these briefs can stand alone, whilst in order to render them suitable for either level 3 or HE use Academic, some modification of the level of engagement or specific outcomes/expectations of evidence is advised in order to fit them to particular learning outcomes.



In various situations, the commissioning of performance specialists along side design consultancies, designer-makers and event developers/organisers to fulfill the various roles within a larger event’s design proposal is needed. Project Management and Event Management teams may liaise with local authorities and/or specific location owners as well as the individual creative teams to bring projects together on time and under budget. The project below is just such a case. This project should allow the student to understand the breath and scope of a medium to large scale project of this type as well as understand the collaborative nature of this type of work.

Beyond that the students will be able to explore more closely a chosen specialism within the collaboration skill sets investigated.


In this project we will ask you to consider the proposal, development and production of a public event or performance.

For example, a large scale celebratory or memorial event such as a bicentenary (this could be celebrating a historical event, an artist or other personality’s life or a movement), a public musical event like Music in the Park/Freedom Fest/Humber Street “Sesh”, or a street-based or out-door performance (the incredible The Sultan’s Elephant event put on in London for example).

You will be asked to research such events and productions making notes in your “day books” and blogs and other appropriate media including your thoughts on the various creative roles and tasks that might be needed or take place in such a production, and in particular how these creative practitioners work in conjunction with each other to produce a cohesive project.

Part 1 – Holistic Overview

In consultation with your tutors/lecturers you will form small groups in order to develop an idea in collaboration for such an event/performance (this can also be adjusted to accommodate a “live” project or wider event proposal).

In these groups you will be asked to begin thinking about the design and development of a series of proposals in the form of joint presentation boards and plans that will be brought together to make a larger “Pitch“.

As part of the evidence you will produce in this project you will make notes in your “day books” in particular with regard to “the collaborative process” and “technical requirements (including legislation)”, and the impact it has on your creative process.

Part 2 – Specialisation

Once you proposal has been finalised and approved, and in consultation with your tutors/lecturers and the other members of your new “design team”, you will be asked as individuals to take on specific and “complementary” roles, each looking at one or more elements in particular from within your overall design (this time not necessarily in line with your chosen lines of study, but in order to fulfil all the necessary roles) each taking your allocated “task” or design element beyond the basic development stage shown in your initial presentation boards, on through to a finalised design/outcome.

For example if you where considering a night-event style street performance, one of you may wish to develop the mobile lighting element of your design (Production designer/Art director/Lighting Technician), while another member of the team develops the look for the stilt-walking performers you have proposed (Costume designer/Designer-Maker), while another may take on the role of producing a series of leaflets and promotional materials advertising the event (Graphic designer). If the skill sets required are not available within the group, discussion should follow regarding the contracting of creatives (students) from elsewhere within the college group to facilitate these tasks.

Others within the group will need to look at jurisdictional “legals” and H&S implications, both in the performance in proximity to the public and within local authority, city boundaries, as well as during any build phases, accounting for every eventuality from using fire in a public performance in the street (if appropriate to the production), through to the use of hazardous materials during construction. You should even consider the implications of funding on the process of developing projects of this scale and

All the while you will continue to work in conjunction with, and in consultation with the other members of your group in order to maintain the overall design/aesthetic integrity of the project. With this in mind you may even want to discuss maintaining the overall look of your individually produced final design sheets.

Part 3 – Presentation

Your final task will be to present your proposal as a group to an outside agency/group/individual as well as your peers and tutors/lecturers. This presentation should show elements of the development process but primarily focus on the “Pitch” of your idea.

Part 4 – De-Brief & Evaluation

Finally following the completion of the outcomes you will be asked to re-group into your “design teams” and de-brief the project, making notes in your day-books on the discussions and thoughts of yourself and others on this collaborative creative/design process.


See also this useful guide/information organisation – Skillset

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