A quick look at a new view of Bloom’s Taxonomy… (WIP)

Bloom – In line with some recent rethinking regarding Bloom’s (Cognitive Domain) Taxonomy – Here You can see it not only Flipped/Reversed but seen as part of a cycle where Creating or Playing can happen first… but there is not particular direction specified, showing that both might work, and indeed the process can start anywhere, so long as all parts are eventually engaged with.

I’ve tried to reflect the use of infographics to depict important information through its use of scale (something manu of these diagrams fail to take into consideration – i.e Mass, potentially equating to Importance rather than Precedence) and so you can see, to me, Application is often the least of the elements within the taxonomy due to its simple practical application.

Blooms Revised Taxonomy

NB. It might be possible to add into this diagram the Reflection ON and IN ACTION proposed by Schon, showing how upon Application and during Play a process of reflection drives the synthesis of knowledge and experience.

See THIS example (A Board Game for Learning About Games).

~ by hesir on February 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “A quick look at a new view of Bloom’s Taxonomy… (WIP)”

  1. […] With this process/cycle/relationship of taxons recognised, and Sythesised into the practice of the individual, there is little to do but practice the pertinent craft skills involved and repeat, eventually naturalising the whole process. The latter part of the process becoming cyclic after Bloom’s Taxonomy (see also my adaptation). […]

  2. […] 64) and with wisdom. These dispositions can be mapped against the “Habits of Mind” and Bloom’s Taxonomy and if incorporated would have a multiplying effect on learning. This all begins with effective […]

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