Hull Urban Sketchers – Wednesday 1st August… Trinity Square, Hull.


So, I started out waiting outside Panini’s the little cafe on the end of Storey Street, until Rymans opened and I could grab a couple of new pens and a sketchbook.
From there I headed over to Trinity indoor market and started a drawing but changed my mind and headed into the square to join Dom and the others… and for starters had a go at drawing the Andrew Marvel statue instead…

The pigeons where on form swooping and flocking all the time I was drawing Marvel… so I thought why not focus my attention on them for a while, these studies may turn out to be a valuable resource further down the line, besides I’ve done the Dogs and Cats thing of late…

After finishing that page full… I was a loss what to turn too next…and it shows in this meandering page below… which is fine of course, but it all seemed a little flat…

So I dug in a drew something a little more substantial… moving to the tables outside Kings Bar and Grill for the better view.

Just as I was finishing up the image of the Merchant Adventurers Hall, I felt a couple of spots of rain… and so headed back into Trinity Church to draw some more of tghe great carvings that adorn the pews (for the ones at the rear of the church there appears to be some question of how long they might remain, so getting a record of them now might be a good thing)…

Some of the features on the carved faces are filled with subtle expression… Pathos, rapture, shock and horror… well worth a look around.

Though this guy above remains my favourite of the day….

~ by hesir on August 2, 2012.

One Response to “Hull Urban Sketchers – Wednesday 1st August… Trinity Square, Hull.”

  1. The birds are wonderful, looks like you have been having a great time.

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