Thought Avalanches & Notes Dump – July 001

Appropriation versus Creation.

Students actively defer learning by asking for handouts that they feel they can consult as a when they need to.

Preferring not to aquire knowledge through the process of discovery.

Comparing the imageless sketchbook of Cool Memories (Baudrillard) with James Jean’s sketchbook, both sources of embryonic stirings before editing and collaging ideas…

Photo – Whitechapel, London – October 2011.

Illustration/diagram – A gamer playing a game infront of a console and screen…

X 2

…in the top one the interactivity is played up with the gamer pulling the puppet strings, the gamers thumb being the intractive element.

…in the second it is the game steering the gamer wearing a bit and bridle… Thumb twitching in reflex.

Gaming is now passive, deep reading too interactive.

The aesthetic I choose for my infographics is that of the sketch, it represents the immediacy of thought and action in play together, the idea in its most plastic form before it cools and hardens. When presenting ideas to clients it is a good idea to not finish the visuals fully, it allows the client room for manouvre, space to turn in the process of discussion and development of the project. A fixed image has no give and acts like a closed door…

A sketch is still vital and invites the viewer to enquire.

Are coins shaped like they are as a mirror of the dualism that metal coin embodies? Could they have been another shape? Was it evolutionary, from.the silver bands that sought to entwine, and the shells that screamed surface only…

Ultimately there is as much reliance on allegory and faith in the scientific explanations for the beginning of time as in the Abrahamic genesis.

We still are trying to extrapolate a full pig from a severed trotter, extrapolating facts from things we know now trapped within the horizons of time. Like medieval painters portraying the ancients, but dressing them in the clothes of their own time.

Relinquishing your inate human doubt and wonder wholesale into the safekeeping of scientists is no more self-actualising, than handing it to the Catholics, the Hindus or new age Aztecs…

Doubt everything… The complexities of percerption are no doubt designed to satisfy much simpler ends than we imagine.

The seven da Vincian Principles:

Curiosita’ – an insatiable curiosity
Dimostrazione – testing knowledge through experience
Sensazione – continued refinement of the senses
Sfumato – a willingness to embrace ambiguity
Arte/Scienza – developing a balance between art and science
Corporalita’ – cultivating fitness and poise
Connessione – recognizing and appreciating that all phenomena are connected.

via @JSCarroll (Twitter)

“Good books put a finger on emotions that are deeply our own – but that we could never have described on our own.”
– Alain de Botton

In the same way good art and good design allows us to see concepts and ideas brought together in ways we understand but may not have considered ourselves…

Productive failure… Steering into the skid, a dialogue with chance.

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