#hullmeetup – 2pm @ The Queens, Saturday April 30th

New Poster – for the #hullmeetup TWITTER users crew and those that haven’t joined us yet…

Had real fun doing this one… and weirdly, didn’t really reference much in the way of Russian design (with the exception of the “Twitterised” Romanov Eagle in the top left)…

The thing that really influenced this was an old Stella (I think?) advert/print on the wall in The Dram Shop (a fave haunt).

Some fun details…

1, Vladimir Bukovsky’s definition of the dissident activity summed up by the word Samizdat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samizdat ; A politically correct, or at least more appropriate beer mat than some of the UKIP ones we saw last time out, hence the tentacle ref; and 3, some fun apps that we should probably have…

Oh and my fave I think, the Twitterov Crest…

If you are in Hull on Saturday, and you fancy a beer with some like minded twitteratti, drop in, or at least give a tweet-out to us at #hullmeetup


~ by hesir on April 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “#hullmeetup – 2pm @ The Queens, Saturday April 30th”

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