Sketching at Fort Paull, Classic US Car Rally – 24/04/2011

Had a great breakfast and a walk round the Walton Street Market (Hull) on Sunday morning with a friend of mine, then got it in my head to head over to the Classic American Car rally over at Fort Paull, so I slung my guitar on my back and threw my sketchbook and pens in my bag and caught the bus out there…

Fort Paull, for those of you that don’t know it is a crazy visitor attraction themed around the subject of war and defence situated just outside of the Estuary side village of Paull, near Hull, East Yorkshire.

It was kinda fun and I got a few sketches out of it a couple of which you can see here… along with some photos of the cars too.

Original sketch, photographed while on the bus back from the event in order to tweet it… then uploaded straight from my phone to my lap top…

…where I can clean it up a little in PhotoShop, using Brightness/Contrast and Curves to drop that grey tone out a little, before getting down to the colour.

Which I added straight onto my sketch layer, and working from a neutral midtone I added highlights and shadows using the Hue/Saturation tool and the Curves tool, and added highlights to the glass and chrome using the Dodge tool – set to highlights. And no the text isn’t “Comic Sans”, it’s “LetterOMatic!”.

In the field man!

A sort of poster type affair done in exactly the same way as the last colour sketch apart from I did all my colour on a layer above the sketch layer in order to have more flexibility, the colour layer was turned to Multiply in the Blending Mode dropdown in the layers pallate and I guess the other difference was the type, which I gave that retro look using the warp tool (three separate warps to get it to fit around the car)…

I think this cream convertable version of the red one I sketched above was my favourite car of the day… a real beauty…

And that was that really…

~ by hesir on April 26, 2011.

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