More sketches for my Saint George comic…

Okay just a quick sketch dump…

First up early design and quick colour test for the room in Oxford where Ruth and Harry discuss how they met Father Mac and where the Saint George story happens… see

… and yet more sketches for the violence of war sequence, plus some seemingly random (they’ll eventually make sense) of Harry hitch-hiking in Suffolk.

Then a juicy reveal… this is my basic design for the dragon George faces off against… there have been some changes since, for one it is covered in more armour than suggested here… and a whole bunch of chains, as this Typhon-esque creature is basically someones pet up until this point…

The wee frames at the top show it slowly emerging first just as a single (albeit enormous) tentacle, then slowly awaking… George is twitching a bit at this point I reckon… anyway the mask and all is held in place by chains and is basically a magical harness holding it fast to the lake, fire belching out of the eyes and around the beard of the mask… George in his naive monster fighting way sets it free of these chains… whereupon we see it unfold itself and become something closer to this…

Last but not least is a quick coloured doodle that I was thinking about for a Mini-Comic trailer/promo for the full comic… Not sure as yet whether I’ll run with this or something else… The three characters are three of the main protagonists from the Cthulhiad, l-r; Detective Inspector John Malham, Harry, and Ruth…

Catch you later…

~ by hesir on December 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “More sketches for my Saint George comic…”

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  2. […] Other posts that relate to this one can be found HERE, and HERE. […]

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