…yet more poster based posts.

So I popped over to Manchester last bank holiday weekend, really just to try and find a book for a friends birthday, my local book stores not proving too inspiring… Anyway after some lovely Cake at The Cocoa Emporium (http://www.thecocoaemporium.co.uk/) and a chat with my good friend Lisa, partner in said store… I drifted over to Magma (a great book store just up from the Night and Day bar) to look through ll their delicious tomes… I picked up a couple, and one is just the most beautiful collection of subtle and restrained graphic design I’ve seen in a long time… in this case the form of music posters. The book is called The Small Stakes by Jason Munn and if you like graphic design, do yourself a favour and get his book… check out some of his work at http://www.thesmallstakes.com/gallery.php?page=1

Meanwhile I came back home and was so inspired that I thought I’d try my hand at some more graphic design based posters… So in order to give my students a head start as they set out to design their own end of year show posters, I threw some quick photoshop scamps together…

… I no graphic designer, but I’m beginning to enjoy this poster lark.


~ by hesir on June 2, 2010.

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