Still looking for a Degree Course? Enjoy drawing? Designing characters & environments?

…enjoy creating Fantastical Creatures? Rocketships? Robots? Enjoy Telling Stories?

All of these and more are things we encourage as part of the BA (Hons) in Games Design.

Games Design at the Hull School of Art & Design is a visual communication based course, and we look to drawing/concept art as well as digital 3D skills as our main areas of study.

Students who have an interest in, and some level of skill in drawing and designing are particularly welcome on our course (particularly genre related imagery – i.e. Medieval, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror / Character Design, Environment Design, Vehicle Design, designing Props and Objects etc).

Our course allows access to a range of skills development that point towards a career in the creation of visual materials for the Entertainment Industries – Games, Film, TV, Animation, VFX and even Museums, Heritage and Visitor Attraction Design.

It is often a misunderstanding that Games Design is a purely technical computer science led discipline, but as our course deals with the visual development of concepts, environments, characters and props & objects and vehicles that all weave into a wider narrative, one of the primary skills for us to build on is an interest in telling stories through the visualisation of spaces, objects and characters.

This often means having traditional skills in drawing, painting and traditional 3D which underpins later studies in digital 3D.

Yes, you will eventually look at taking those designs into the digital realm, but the observation skills and narrative development that you have honed through drawing will help you in this.

Study Routes within the course are offered on an individual basis with some students gravitating towards Digital 3D Development (3D Modelling, MAterials and Texture Creation, Games Engine Implementation and Interactivity), and others towards Concept Art/Design Development (Traditional and Digital Concept Art & Design Development), with others combining the two.

The following link will take you to another wordpress page that contains the following info’:

  1. An Overview of the three years of study Games Design BA (Hons) degree,HSAD.
  2. A guide to portfolio expectations for interviews.
  3. Mini Brief to help with portfolio building should you require it.
  4. The Games Design Showreel 2016 and links to the 2015 Showreel and Heritage Project Showreel
  5. Further Useful Links.
If you have any further questions about the course please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address.

Further, should you have fellow students or teachers that are interested in accessing additional information about the Games Design BA (Hons) at the Hull School of Art & Design, or any of HSAD‘s other creative degree courses please pass on my details and ask them to contact me or the Hull School of Art & Design directly.

tel – 01482 329943


This follow up to our initial contact is simply to restate that if you are still deciding which Art & Design HE course to attend, the HSAD programs are still accepting applications.
You can apply via this UCAS link until July after which it is still possible to apply through Clearing with HSAD taking students as late at October.



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