“Selfies” (and beyond) – a Traditional to digital skills exercise/Mini-brief.

“Selfies” (and beyond) – a Traditional to digital skills exercise.

If you want to know what is required of you when looking at specific roles within industry, taking a peek at current job adverts is not a bad place to start…

This goes for developing your portfolio as a would be Character Designer for the Games Industry… see below.

  1. Examples of head and clothing sculpts in your portfolio
  2. Strong 2D skills
  3. Example(s) of character hair in your portfolio
  4. An excellent understanding of human anatomy, shape and form
  5. Experience with 2D digital or traditional art
  6. Demonstrate exceptional digital sculpting skills and understanding of both human and creature anatomy; garment and clothing drapery and garment construction detailing; and clothing accessories, as they relate explicitly to specific real-world references and individual concepts, mood boards and directed styling cues.
  7. A comprehensive modelling and texturing portfolio showing 3D character art to a very high standard, with specific ability in the representation of realistic human anatomy and garments/drapery.
  8. Exceptional sculpting ability in ZBrush and deep knowledge of related Marvellous Designer workflow for digital clothing production.
  9. A keen understanding of the human body and facial anatomy; form, structure and silhouette in respect of economical and appropriate modelling for game target assets and polycounts.
  10. An inherent appreciation and understanding of fashion and street style, and era-specific culture as they relate to costuming and dress.

These are just some of the requirements from companies like Airship, Rockstar and Jagex and others as posted in current Job Ads for junior 3D Artists/Character Artists.

Following on from that is some software specific additions:

  • A strong working knowledge of ZBrush is essential
  • Exceptional sculpting ability in ZBrush and deep knowledge of related Marvellous Designer workflow for digital clothing production.

In the absence of ZBrush it is possible to take a look at some related “making” principles via the related “gateway’ software Sculptris (free to download, and available on all machines in our studio).

Be aware the following project has an interim deadline prior to the Easter break but will be on-going until the May hand-in for both the above modules.

This brief will look at three areas of interest.

  1. Celebrity Character Portraits
  2. Self Portraits
  3. Peer Portraits

With the self-portrait section taking priority. And Peer portraits being purely elective.

i.e 1 & 2 Mandatory, 3 Elective.

You are to develop at least 3 traditional material portraits within each category above, each in a different material, pens, pencil, charcoal, paint etc (this does not include preliminary studies and sketches).

You are not to work from photographs with the exception of the Celebrity Portraits (though sketching from moving film is also a useful exercise). Mirrors and or live web cam feeds are acceptable.

A serious Self-Portrait study can take anywhere between 15/20mins and an hour+. Your work should reflect this. Scrappy sketches will only be accepted as preliminary studies.

For the celebrity portrait, you are to choose one of the following actors:

  1. Steve Buscemi
  2. Tilda Swinton
  3. Wai Ching Ho
  4. Samuel L. Jackson
  5. Gabriel Byrne
  6. Marianne Jean-Baptiste
  7. Richard O’Brien
  8. Judy Dench
  9. Benedict Wong
  10. Ian McNeice

The end result of this exercise should be several pages of sketches and Nine traditional portrait images, in a variety of media (look to your learning outcomes).

Try to use this project as a means to an end, ie developing your drawing skills. Serious study of anatomy, the structure of the face, and the bones and musculature that underpins this structure will be important. This should (as seen above, see job specs) be something that appears in your ongoing Games Design Portfolio Your reflective notes should discuss this.

As part of the process of learning and skill set development, you should explore the work of Games artists you admire and look into their process, approach and even influences.


You are to develop at least 2 digital 3D portraits based upon the portraits you have worked up above.

You may use ZBrush or Sculptris.

You are not to work from photographs with the exception of the Celebrity Portraits (though sketching/working from moving film is also a useful exercise).

Regarding “Selfies” – Below are some examples of the type of work possible.

The two selfies below were done this time last year.


No pencils or preliminary drawing even in paint, just straight in to blocking out and mark making with oils…


Below is the process from blank canvas to blocked out features, paying close attention to vast variations in skin tone and and light, whilst attempting to use this to “sculpt” the face, working on the “faceted” angles of the head.


The colours below have dulled from their original vibrancy.


Below is a brushpen a marker selfie, again working from a mirror, not photographs…


And a watercolour, brushpen and copic marker study done in the same sitting…



For comparison here’s an older pen and ink selfie… choosing a mid range brown paper allowed me to bring in some highlights using a white gel pen.

…and utilising a new skill set (I used Sculptris for the first time on March the 1st this year, 2017), this digital 3D selfie below, starting from scratch and using the webcam on the mac as a stand-in mirror.


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