“Is that a Tank in Your Knapsack…?” – a Games Design exercise looking at Props, Objects and Inventories.

“Is that a Tank in Your Knapsack…?” – a Games Design exercise looking at Props, Objects and Inventories. – Creative Futures

Not every element of gameplay needs to follow real-world logic or physics, but occasionally identifying an old game play property and “upping” this real-world logic might just bring with it other game play opportunities and possibilities.

With that in mind…

You are to develop and visualise an item to be carried, pulled, owned by a player character in a game of your own invention (this can be a game that you have developed in an earlier session or one you are working on in your own time, or a wholly new concept).

This item should be the physical embodiment of your characters “inventory”; possibly a knapsack, a rucksack, a toolbox, Mary Poppin’s bag (or any magic bag), a magic hat, a utility belt, futuristic scanner/printer wit cloud storage, saddle bags etc, when seen in the game, and you should still be able to make the connection between this design when “in” or managing your inventory.

You are expected to develop your concept for a particular style (to be identified by you) of game play and inventory management, this can be discussed in your reflective practice and on your design sheets.

Do a little research… look at what people have discussed, and discussed, and are still discussing

i.e. – The game is to be an RPG, and the inventory management system is an grid/object volume based system that upon filling requires a one in/one out choice from the player.

The prop/object you develop should be explored in both traditional materials; pens, pencil, charcoal, paint etc (include preliminary studies and sketches) and finally worked up using digital media, Photoshop, digital 3D etc.

Don’t choose your final item straight away, explore several approaches and designs to start with and select your final design from these. Don’t limit your project by missing out an entire part of the process.

The end result of this exercise should be several pages of sketches and design sheets. Plus a Final design sheet showing the object and the Inventory HUD/GUI.

Try to use this project as a means to an end, ie developing your drawing, 3D graphic design skills. This should again be something that appears in your ongoing Games Design Portfolio Your reflective notes should discuss this.

As part of the process of learning and skill set development, you should explore the work of Games artists you admire and look into their process, approach and even influences.



This project is due in 5 weeks as part of your final hand-in.


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2 Responses to ““Is that a Tank in Your Knapsack…?” – a Games Design exercise looking at Props, Objects and Inventories.”

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