Games Design Mini-Brief – “The Boxer”

Animation/Games Design Mini- Brief – “The Boxer” – Visualisation – Character Design.


Character design covers the full range of possibilities from creature designs through to human-iform beings and even sentient artificial living beings. This exercise allows you to develop a series of designs showing your ability to explore possibilities relating to character design, implied narrative and most importantly the modelling of more organic shapes than found in explorations of architecture or even organic environments and props.

As with all digtal modelling projects, solid traditional drawing will put you at an advantage. This is an opportunity to further explore this skill, in particular as it relates to the foundational knowledge of ANATOMY.

The theme for these designs is: THE BOXER


Images Credits for above, L-R/Top-Bottom: – Brahim AziziMindStyleVictor MartinezGuang YangAndrew “Drew” Leung.


i – Two character designs for a 3D “Boxer” (or a fighting athlete of some kind, – no weapons),

Boxer 1Must be human, or very near human.

Boxer 2 – Has no need to be human (though must still be recognisable as a fighting character with the ability to box).

You must show how the two might interact (or how they size up to each other, try to have some fun with the relative scale).

Requirement i (Bold = mandatory, italics = optional)

  • 2D sketches and thumbnails/screenshots and final 2D paper based or 2D digital concept images/renders (full colour or line work/blocking out) – these should include all abandoned ideas as well as those that lead up to your final 3D design.
  • Physical 3D is also an option, Clay, Fimo, Resin, etc; plus photographs of models (purposefully lit).
  • Final 3D grey-blocking (anatomical) to full 3D renders (Presentation Renders, not left in engine or handed over as raw software files). 
  • …animation/interaction created during the developmental phase, drawn or digital is also optional.

Your final renders MUST be in digital 3D however.

Requirement ii – a rationale of how these Boxers might feature within a wider game concept, fully explored, descriptive, reflective outlines, with rough visuals and any game mechanics discussed.


Of course, any/all unusual and unique interpretive variations based on this theme WILL be applauded if in addition to your response to the basic brief.

  • All preliminary sketches/screenshots/sketch models as well as final imagery and sketchbook work to shown as part of hand in.
  • All colour at developmental stage can be digital, worked over a scan from your sketchbook & posted to your blog, but traditional colour will also be applauded.
  •  … a (cited/sourced) list of influences/artists who you have looked at should be submitted with examples or their work on your blog/document.

Even if your “Boxer” is set in an alternate reality/history or the far flung future, this would be a great chance for you to add more reference photos to your files, so get out, go to galleries, make notes and of course use your camera, find something unique rather than just trawling Google and finding the images you need in two clicks – just like everyone else (it produces work so average it hurts).

What we DO NOT want to see is you slavishly copying something that exists in the real/games world already.

Use your reference, yes. But change, adapt, be inspired by it, don’t just copy it.

Consider things like divergent anatomy and scale… which can even be an issue in “real life”.

…and dare I suggest it, maybe get out there to an actual boxing gym or an event with a pen and sketchbook and do some observational drawing*… :O

*For those amongst you who want to be a Concept Artist, there is no excuse for not doing this.

You have four weeks to develop two digital 3D character designs.


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