Other Work In Progress… Jan 2017


So, I’d got to that point where many artists get to at some point, wondering if a change of style was in order.

I worry sometimes that my figures are a little too stiff, and that edging toward a more caricatured cartoony style might loosen the drawings up a little. So I dove into the sketchbook to try some more flamboyant figure styles…


All skinny legs and top heavy bulk… These guys (above) up to no good in alley way, police vehicles dropping out of the city sky in the background…

Or this dude, a DJ carrying his vinyl boxes back from a gig…



Not sure who this guy is or why he’s running, bit again with those skinny legs…

Then finally this sketch…


Four brave space warriors (including the robot)… Perhaps the stars of their own TV series, “Super Space 5”, which means I’d need a fifth, enter Sykes, the Space dog.


…and his well loved tentacled space monster pal.

I decided it was worth throwing some quick digital colour at this one, so into Photoshop and three Blue and Marroon suits and a new flame based superpower later, I was done…


Oh… and I even outlined a possible villain for this lot…


But yeah… The image at the top of this post is an extension of the sketch below:


I’d been thinking about a graffiti artist, chilling after finishing a mural of the devil, whilst the devil came to life, watching the artist on their mobile… The Mural would remain flat the devils are still 2D on the wall, but the juxtaposition of the kid and the devils hand would make it look like the mural had come to life. Scanning this sketch then adding extended background space to include a view over the wall at the city beyond all done in PS.

It currently remains a work in progress…



Oh and there was this also…

Drawn very quickly one morning, based on a dream…


~ by hesir on January 24, 2017.

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