Fan Art… Sketchbook Stuff and beyond.

I’ve said it before, but I’m not a big Fan Art sorta person… That said, here’s some more that spilled out onto the page from late last year.

1940’s/early 5o’s Superteam…


There’s a good chance you know all these guys… but hey, Lobster Johnson, The Rocketeer, Namor, a young Hellboy, and an ageing Indy… I’m a fan of this period for adventure stories… I’m currently working on one of my own set in the ’30’s. It might not show too obviously here, but I had wondered about a female Rocketeer (maybe Jenny Blake?).

Anyway… I’d been messing about with other stuff too…



I’m a big Batman and Martian Manhunter fan… but these were just doodles for fun in my sketchbook…

Elsewhere, I also got interviewed back in 2016 for Dirty Rotten Comics… I guess that feeds into this “fan/creative” concept a little too… I talk a little about Lovecraft and some of the other influences on my comics writing… The interview above was post on Dec 5th.

Then more recently Sarah and I binged Del Toro‘s great 26 part, Trollhunter series, a mixture of Monster House, the Goonies and I suppose the more recent Super 8 (JJ Abrams), whilst watching it I doodled a page in my sketchbook and threw it up on Twitter…


Which to my surprise got a whole bunch of RTs and likes… including a bunch of the talented people who designed and worked on the show, and included these two as well…


I was pretty happy with that to be fair…

But still, out of all of this fan art gubbins…

It was the Hellboy and Indy image that I thought I could take a little further…


The first drawing on the left, as you can see, includes an older Hellboy… I revised that and added a couple of other contemporaries…


I beefed up the sketch using the Levels tool in PS, and then started adding colour on a separate layer using the Multiply layer blending mode. I thought I’d include Cap, but then realised he’d probably be on ice at this point… but it struck me that Hellboy might be a fan so he made it in anyway…


Maybe I’ll do a fully finished version of this at some point… but I get a little weird about this stuff… copyright, copyright, copyright… apologies to everyone concerned etc. I might even finish THIS someday.



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