Applied Games Research – RAGE blogging

For around the last two years I’ve been involved in an external (to my work at The Hull School of Art & Design) research project that looks at the potential for Applied Games and in particular, the developmental hub of the RAGEecosystem designed to aid the rapid development of Applied or Serious Games; and so by extention, the process of getting people into, and back into work in the EU (I know, I know, but that conversation can be held elsewhere) as part of Horizon 2020.

The project so far has been very interesting, and subsequently I’ve had the opportunity to work and collaborate with a great number of really, really smart people which is great.

The project is ongoing, and we are just about to enter into the exciting testing phase for a number of the Applied Games prototypes in development (including two Use Case Scenarios produced by the staff of HSAD).

Meanwhile, here’s a link to a blog post I wrote for the RAGE project site: Not So Bored (sic) Games

~ by hesir on July 4, 2016.

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