“Roof Space” (Games Design, Film & Animation Production Design) Mini-Brief:

The following project is to help you explore and consolidate many of the various fundamental traditional skill sets, techniques and processes, as well as encourage you to explore basic (and advanced) software skills.

You should try to utilise the full design process, from research through to final image/s or 3D artefacts.

The Brief:

Games (Environment Design) – You are (i) To develop a pre-visualization (PreViz) for a scene/environment in a Game or digital/traditional animation.

This environment should be based around the concept, “Roof Space”, and can be developed without showing the person/character/creature who owns/inhabits it.  This can be (as many projects like this are) an exercise in Character Design without the character being in shot (Character Design “in absentia” if you will).

Context: In a Game or Animation/Film, this could be a great place to set up some character interaction (or development or important dialogue), it could be an environment to hide within, a base of operations for your player/character or another regular NPC, a place to explore to look for pick-ups, useful objects/weapons for your inventory (it could even be the visual representation of your inventory), or it could be this levels full extent as part of a point a click puzzle game for example.

The stipulation that it is a roof space, i.e. set above the living/office/other interior spaces of a building, and that your design re-imagines this space for a new activity/purpose than expected/intended.

Of course there can be various manifestations of this all too familiar type of place… eg.

A three-person temporary encampment in an abandoned, broken-down Medieval turret;

A post-apocalypse (zombies-water-levels rising) survivor’s camp on the top of a New York tenement;

An unexpected roof garden,

a well chosen assassin’s eyrie,

a graffiti-covered teen hangout,

All of these themes have their own inherent game play implications.

Try to keep the size of this roof space down. This way you can concentrate on populating the space without it becoming exhausting.

If you wish to show the surrounding areas, layering your finished image into a photograph using photoshop is acceptable (credit sources where possible), this might be particularly of benefit if you are working in 3D.

If you wish to develop a second visual with figures in shot – please feel free, but one image, as stated, must be supplied sans characters), plus (ii) a rationale of how your “Roof Top” space could be used in a game concept, fully explored, descriptive outlines, with rough visuals and gameplay/mechanics discussed, or how the scene might play out in a Game Cinematic or Animation.

A Reiteration of Project Requirements:

  • Research*, developmental sketches/screenshots** and final image/render (full colour*** or line work/blocking out), grey-blocking to full 3D render, or physical model set.
  • …or, if concept or asset design is your goal, 3D modelling or Set Design is not wholly necessary in this project for your portfolio remit;

*…a list of influences/artists who you have looked at should be submitted with examples or their work on your blog; along with any of your own photography and observational drawing.

**Preliminary sketches/screenshots/sketch models as well as final imagery and sketchbook work to shown as part of hand in.

***Any colour should be digital, worked over a scan of the sketchbook & posted to your blog.

You may also wish to take a look at.

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~ by hesir on February 10, 2016.

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