Hare of the Dog – …those rabbit like rockers

On a number of occasions I post images on my twitter account from my sketchbooks with the simple note “I have no idea”…

These drawings certainly started out that way… But they kept coming…

Now an idea is creeping in to my brain that there might be something here worth exploring…

So, this is “Hare of the Dog …One! …Two! …Three! …Four!”

xx Rabbits Covers Concept

Touring through the cities of the outer rim…

x Rabbits Touring the City…playing to some rough crowds,

x Rabbits on Stage 003

x Rabbits on Stage 002

x Rabbits on Stage 001

…and hanging out in rough dives.

x Rabbits relaxing

x Rabbit Vehicle Concepts 00

…spilling out of limos and tour buses.

x Rabbits Vehicles

x Rabbits City Scape

…then heading out to the next gig.

x Rabbit Space Craft

x Rabbits at Rest

…”it’s a long way to the top, when you wanna” etc, etc, etc,

x Rabbit Ref Drawings

Rabbit & Hare reference sketches

Maybe something will come of all this nonsense… maybe not.

~ by hesir on January 7, 2016.

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