Making Comics – Tragic Tales of Horrere & The King’s Leap

Okay… So that’s the second #comics project completed (all artwork completed and sent that is) ready for Thought Bubble…

YAWYE (SMEAT) - Horrere - Postcard 004

You can find out more about this and the other stories for this great indie horror anthology over at the official pages:

Web:  & Twitter:

YAWYE (SMEAT) - Horrere - Postcard 002

It’s been great working alongside everyone, and I’m looking forward to working on issue two if they’ll have me…

YAWYE (SMEAT) - Horrere - Postcard 003

And though I seemed to drag my feet a little there I’m pretty pleased with some of the outcomes.

YAWYE (SMEAT) - Horrere - Postcard 001

Prior to that short for “Horrere” (a co-production between Madius Comics and Horrere Comics), I was working on “The King’s Leap” with Rob Jones of Madius Comics

Kings Leap - Postcard 002

A tale of Vikings and Monsters…

Kings Leap - Postcard 003

Both Projects are debuting at Thought Bubble this year, but you may well get some previews at Nottingham Comic Con at he Madius Comics table… So go up and say hello!

Now it’s onto project 3… “The Lance“, part 2 of “The White Ship“, which is at a very rough thumbnail stage as you read this…

The Lance - thumbnails - 001

And which I’m really hoping to complete at least as an “indie ashcan” style book to have on my table at #TBF15 in November.

The Lance - Thumbnails - 002

Who knows… maybe I’ll even achieve that… laughs.

See you in the funny pages…

~ by hesir on October 5, 2015.

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