Sketchbook Dump – Characters (Pirates, Detectives, Robots etc).

Okay, so some of you tweeters out there may have seen the occasional sketchbook image drift past your feed… Here are a whole bunch of those sketches in one place.

x Scan 105

Love that central figure (from back in February)… probably influenced by all the great sketch stuff I see Karl Kopinski putting out on his FB feed… essentially a doodle at heart (i.e. it was serving no real purpose beyond practice), but one that settled into an interesting character drawing…

Similar in tone is this (from Saturday) unfinished blue line sketch… again of a piratical type.

x Scan 29

More pirates below… this time inspired by the TV showing the version of Treasure Island which stars Orson Wells as Silver…

x Scan 8a


Blind Pew is one of my favourite characters in that version… he looks just like the image created by NC Wyeth, in fact the whole film looks like it owes a debt of thanks to his work…

x Untitled-6

I have no idea what happened here (the distance between his eyes is ludicrous), but I kinda like the overall effect… A ranine/batrachian, Innsmouth denisen, that could pass for Captain Marsh just as the change came upon him…

x Scan 3

Above is more doodling whilst watching TV… this time, the remake of Nosferatu…

…and Vincent with Ray Winstone, love the scene with the fire extinguisher; thought him holding this weapon of choice might make for a great hero pose at the centre of a Drew Struzan style image…

x Scan 11

Again, projects that I may or may not ever get around to…

And below more of the same, though more likely inspired by Dick Tracy or some such show that they rerun on the Info Channel or TCM…

x Scan 4


…I love watching those old shows… I was particularly enamoured of an episode of Dragnet I caught (great cinematography for a TV show, particularly of that period, really cinematic, especially the aerial shots of Los Angeles).

x Scan 14

Above and below… more warm-up/warm-down sketchbook doodling, done whilst (before and after) working on the Kings Leap comic pages.

x Scan 12

x Scan 30

The central figure above, along with the Hellboy-ish character below no doubt drawing some inspiration from my recent acquisition of a Joseph Clement Coll compendium… And if you don’t know that name, your in for a treat when you look him up.

x Scan 19

…finally, robots.

x Scan 25

Big robots… because, well, do y’really need a reason?

x Scan 23

~ by hesir on April 20, 2015.

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