Observational Sketches & Drawings – Travelling, Part 1- Heerlen, The Netherlands, and Airports…

Okay, so I’ve been managing to get some travelling in, both with work and just for pleasure of late, and I tried to get a little drawing in as I went…

First up was a research trip with work out to Heerlen in the southern most part of the Netherlands.

x Scan


Above Manchester Airport…

Work obviously comes first and the few days we were out there where pretty hectic and exhausting, so I didn’t get much chance to draw until the last night before heading back, when I threw this drawing of the bar down…

x Scan 33

And of course in the airports… there is always time there… and plenty of people to doodle. Just try not to catch their eye, none of them seem to be enjoying themselves… (laughs)

x Scan 2

x Scan 1


…and the first time ever and inspired by James Jean‘s amazing airborne images from his sketchbooks, I thought I’d have a go at drawing whilst on the plane…

x Scan 34


Next up Germany and Bruges…

~ by hesir on April 20, 2015.

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