Observational Drawing – Waiting Room, Hull Royal.

Drawn whilst waiting for Sarah…

Just exercises in observation for the most part… the arms on those chairs where a nightmare to visually untangle…

x Scan 6

Whilst the chap below was fun to draw particularly as he became more and more flustered with his newspaper… mostly trying to hide behind it as he had cottoned onto the fact I was drawing him…
x Untitled-7

Finally, three chairs… I think I’d have preferred the composition without the interloper who arrived after I’d started… but observation is observation, and it seemed a cheat to leave her out…

x Untitled-9

~ by hesir on April 20, 2015.

4 Responses to “Observational Drawing – Waiting Room, Hull Royal.”

  1. I love it. I must start doing the same. So much more thought, character and atmosphere from a drawing which has been transformed through the eye and brain of an artist.

  2. Drawing the spaces between things is not an easy thing to do but the chair arms work wonderfully. Another gorgeous sketch Hesir!

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