Animation/Games Design Mini-Brief – “Library”

Animation/Film/Games Design/Themed Environment Mini-Brief  – “Library” This Mini Brief allows opportunity to develop both traditional and progressive digital skills, it follows on from the other single word briefs in providing entertainment media developers (and students) the opportunity to explore Ideation, (implied) Narrative Development, Environment Design, Prop & Object (inc. Vehicle ) – with Character Design (actual or in absentia) if appropriate. For others this kind of project can be used to support your portfolio, and/or assessable project work.


How do you make an environment or develop a scene based on information you are not familiar with, or beyond your experience (or at least beyond regular exposure)?

Research, research, research…

The theme of your short Pre-viz/narrative development exercise is to be “LIBRARY”.

For the purposes of this brief, a LIBRARY can be interpreted as “any place at which an individual or a body of people have decided to store, display and/or catalogue a range of texts”.

These texts can be in the form of codex (the form we commonly call bound books), scrolls (if ancient perhaps), or other contemporary or futuristic forms including digital, holographic etc (What if your library was a library of sounds, how would that look?).

Your library may well be openly accessible to the public and so reflect that usage, your library may have been abandoned, ill kept etc; your library might reflect the politics of a culture; ie. is it an austere prison for books that a body of people have locked away? Or is it part of a place of learning where intelligence is valued? If so does your architecture reflect that?

Your submission can encompass any genre, any historical timeframe or period, any style, and be delivered in any media (pencil, pen & ink, paint, digital 2D, traditional 3D, Digital 3D, moving image etc.).

Whether a single image, a sequence of images, storyboard or animatic – your project should convey an underlying story or narrative.

We will expect to see all developmental materials, from thumbnails to final image/s. We would expect reflective blog posts detailing a list of influences/artists/creatives who you have looked at during your research and ongoing development phase and how they have influenced your decision-making.

Games Designers – you may wish to employ the design processes we have discussed previously i.e. iterative traditional design development through to grey-blocking and then final image/model.
Animators – you may wish to develop and compose as a scene, or a short storyboard/animatic.
You will continue to work on this until your final hand-in.
ALL elements of the brief above MUST be evidenced.


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