Populating the Scene – Part 1 – “An Accumulation of Narrative”

Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it.”

– The Monster from Frankenstein,  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Whatever you think of the melancholy aspect of the above quote, life is regardless an accumulation… an accumulation of narratives, and accumulation of memories and inevitably in a consumer/property happy society, and accumulation of objects and everyday paraphernalia.

(see the link in the quote above to Bernie Wrightson‘s excellent image of Victor’s Rooms).

With that in mind, when creating environments that are to emulate those we humans inhabit, particularly those inhabited by obsessives and focussed characters, or those inhabited or effected by small groups of the same, we have to consider the sheer amount of objects, props and physical material accumulated in those spaces.

This brief will be a test of that consideration:

“Populating the Scene – 1” – Mini Brief.

You are to develop a series of scenes or environments as if they are to be a key area in an animation or game design that is to be completed in digital 3D.

Each scene must be as fully realised as possible. Populated with assets props, scene dressing and signs of human life/character intervention.

You can visually develop the environment in any way you see fit.

  • Concept art (Traditional or Digital*, single or several images)
  • Physical 3D (card and other physical modelling media/material(
  • Digital 3D* (SketchUp, Blender, Maya, 3DSMax, Unity, UE4 etc.).
*Any pieces using software must be presentable at each stage in a format that allows client access – i.e. executable files, jpegs, video.

The scenes you are to develop are listed below:

  • The Games Artist’s Shelf.
  • A Doctors office, 2050AD.
  • The Games Artists Studio 
  • A Beach Bar.
  • A 1940’s/1950’s Doctor’s office.
  • An abandoned mini-mart, post looting.
  • A Barbershop.
  • A maverick science nut/conspiracy theorist’s apartment.
  • A derelict car park behind a disused youth-centre.
  • A vehicle converted into a kid’s tree house.

No characters are necessary. Though as always you should consider an environment brief as character design in absentia.

This brief, perhaps more than some others. Let’s see that accumulation of objects and paraphernalia.

You are to attempt to finish at least one of the above (with research and development work).

You have two weeks until the first crit’. So three of the above would be better (this is way more time than you would be given in industry to develop a similar set of visual materials).

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