Animation/Games Design Mini-Brief – “Bridge”

Animation/Games Design Mini-Brief  – “Bridge” This Mini Brief is given as part of Yr 1 Games and Animation “Creative Futures” and allows opportunity to develop both traditional and progressive digital skills, it provides entertainment media developers the opportunity to explore Ideation, Narrative Development, Environment Design, Prop & Object (inc. Vehicle ) (with Character Design if appropriate). This kind of project can be used to support your portfolio, and assessable project work.

Task 1
You are asked to think back to/find the book  “A Pattern Language**” – Christopher Alexander et al. – (see also –   BUS STOP BRIEF ). What relevance might this text have in the devising of portfolio projects in the context of Concept Art for Games?
*this essay can be found online.
Task 2
You are asked to think back to/find the short essay – “Why designers can’t think*” – by Michael Beirut. – Again, consider the implications of the content of this essay in light of the above considerations regarding developing Games and in particular Concept Art/Visualisation/Narrative etc for Games.
**this book is on the reading list for this module.


Task 3 The theme of your next short Pre-viz/narrative development exercise is to be:

“The Bridge”.

For the purposes of this brief, a BRIDGE is:

“…a physical structure that allows the passage of people (characters) and/or their vehicles (modes of carriage/transport) across a gulf between two or more points, otherwise un-navigable.”


This “gulf” could be between two banks of a river, two buildings, across a chasm/precipice or across another highway of some sort.

NOTE: There are many different types of bridge already in existence.

It may (see Task 2) do you good to familiarise yourself with some of them (this could add to your submission of visual development work – thumbnails of various types for example)

During your investigation phase you may also wish to look at a range of Concept Art images, and without even using the word “bridge” in your search, take note of the amount of gantries, walkways, bridges (natural and man-made), flyovers, and elevated roads that appear. – It appears to be a recurring subject, and so is a useful portfolio builder.


See also this link and this link.

Your submission can encompass any genre, any historical timeframe or period, past, present or future, it can be in any style, and any state of repair and of course be delivered in any media (pencil, pen & ink, paint, digital 2D, traditional 3D, Digital 3D, moving image etc.***).

***remember, your portfolio should evidence a wide range of media.

Whether a single image, a sequence of images, storyboard or animatic – your project should convey a story or narrative (you may negotiate this brief with your tutor should you wish to exploit the project to evidence a particular industry skill-set or role).


We will expect to see all developmental materials, from thumbnails to final image/s. We would expect reflective blog posts detailing a list of influences/artists/creatives whose work you have looked at during your research and ongoing development phase and how they have influenced your decision-making. You will be expected to have your work ready for discussion with your tutors in (two weeks). This work must be gathered together in a form ready to show(design document, blog post, prezi, powerpoint etc.) without resorting to leafing through loose paper or clicking through folders. ALL elements of the brief above MUST be evidenced at this discussion. You have just two weeks to develop this project.


A project that in reality (in industry) should/COULD be developed to a high/presentation level in a single day (or a part of a day).
You should also consider (and provide evidence of that consideration) how many of these images you would be asked to develop in a week in industry.

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