“Room Head” & other Strange Architecture – Sketchbook meanderings…

…too much cheese before bed suggested an old friend of mine.

I’m thinking, it might owe more to Shaun Tan (thanks to @wildflowerfaery for the gifts last month) and the cutaway “second unit” clips in Gotham…

Whatever it was it resulted in the image below whilst watching August Osage County with the family.

Room Head - Large

The following day brought more of the same… there is perhaps something of the James Gurney stuff I love in there, but again more architecturally influenced noodling (below)…

Tower Carriage - Large

Love the animated quality that somehow manifested in the creature pulling the carriage. I definitely need to explore these sketches further.

~ by hesir on January 12, 2015.

One Response to ““Room Head” & other Strange Architecture – Sketchbook meanderings…”

  1. […] the city, its architecture, but then maybe incorporated a more fantastical element, as I did with “Room Head”, with the giant figure striding through that curious urban […]

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