“This Ain’t a Scene…” – Character Concept Design, fragments (arms only).

As with the Headshots, this are just exercises to get a feel for the kind of characters I might want to work up further… Also they are smaller and easier to manage than full character drawings, meaning that as a colour/values practice opportunity, they are much more economical (and varied).

xx Arms 001

All originally pencilled, then inked traditionally, then scanned…

Pencils of Arms

The tentacle tattoo on the upper central arm holding the sword was added using a reduced and mirrored copy of the tentacled arm at the far right.

Arm Tattoos 001

The tribal tattoo on the arm poised above the “Bird in the Hand” image, was developed quickly, using type from Adobe Illustrator, then modified using the Twirl tool, and enhanced by hand in Photoshop.

Tattoo Arms 002…next Feet & Boots.


~ by hesir on December 15, 2014.

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