A Return to the Life Class.

I’ve been lucky of late to have returned to drawing in Life Class (about time).

Its a fundamental part of the art student’s early tuition, mostly because it teaches the eye as much as it trains the hand.

Below are a series of drawings done at the new evening life class for staff and students at The Hull School of Art & Design.






…and a warm up sketch while waiting for the session to start, trying to get my eye in.

Scan 4



I managed to squeeze just the one drawing in the following week before having to disappear.



Scan 7


It was similar the following week…

Scan 5

Scan 6


…and following a bit of a break, I was able to stay for the full session last night…

Starting with a few 5min warm ups.

Scan 2

Then a couple of 25min longer poses…

Scan 1

…I had a little bit of time to address the foot I’d missed off the page in the top right.

Scan 3

…and then this 1hr pose, probably the best job I’ve done since getting back to it.


What with that, and Alan Clough and the Something Entirely Different crew setting up informal, clothed life sessions during their Art & Beer nights at Fruit, there is now a wealth of opportunity to get back into this exceptional form of observational drawing.

Scan 13

Scan 12

Scan 11

Scan 10

…this last pose (below) was probably my fave of the Art & Beer night.

Scan 9

…while these were done of the visiting crowd at the event as a warm up before heading into the session.



Draw, draw, and draw some more…

~ by hesir on November 21, 2014.

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