Things* …in a state of Disrepair, Chaos & Disarray.

Okay, so having just got back from Thought Bubble 2014, I’m already filled with enthusiasm for what I could be taking along next year…

One thing I’m going to try and get sort ASAP is a printed collection of some of my sketchbook pages.

As much of my recent work has been done whilst supporting students, I thought it might be useful to include additional or expanded notes and thoughts that explained my process and decision making.

As for a title for the book… I’m toying with the title above.

With any luck, it might end up looking something like this…

Mock Ups Of Covers for Sketchbook

I’ve started laying pages out, even though much might change…


xx Book Cover - Front & Back 00

Mostly it’s just to get a feel for the product and how it might scan…

xxx Alt Page Layout 02

I definitely want to reproduce some full pages (above), as well as collect together some of the more lost scraps where I’ve left single images on a page…

xxx Alt Page Layout 00

I also want to draw parallels between some of my drawing from the imagination to my drawing from observation.

I also want to link back to some of the mini-briefs I’ve set my students here on my blog.

For example THIS one, as well as other session notes…

It won’t strictly be a “how to” book, I want it to be fun… but maybe useful in my teaching too.

Any feedback would be welcome of course.

~ by hesir on November 20, 2014.

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