Trinity Games Tech Project, back in Holy Trinity Church

It’s great to hear good feedback on student projects.

Today I received a call from a guy who had spoken with the BA(Hons) Games Design students as they show cased their Paragon’s Past and Oculus Rift – Heritage project at Hull’s History Centre as part of the Archives That Inspire exhibition.

He praised the students knowledge and ability to explain their process and working methods, even how they handled gaps in the available research, and felt compelled to call to say as much, whilst voicing a possibility of another venue that might be able to showcase the work.

Great praise indeed, and well done to the students for engendering that kind of response.

Couldn’t be happier.

Another way praise and success can be registered is by being asked to come back, and that’s just what has happened with the Trinity Project.

Trinity 001

Currently back on display before the Chancel, the project was created by last years graduate students as part of their Year 2 Interactive Environments project.

Trinity Church x02

All part of Holy Trinity‘s Heritage Open days celebrations, which will include special services as well as music and other events.

Trinity Church x01

You can find the Trinity Project reconstruction video fly-through below… or go see it in the space itself, well worth the trip out (and whilst out and about, you can go see the Paragon’s Past project too, of course!).


~ by hesir on September 12, 2014.

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