Robot Spider – (UpSkilling – 3DSMax)

So, after a little tinkering with type and video yesterday, I thought I’d continue the up-skilling today with a little animation… Again using 3DS Max, software which I’ve been reintroduced to by my colleague Paul Starkey.


It didn’t take much time to figure out that I wanted to try my hand at a robot… I figured that the surfaces would less organic and that I could create individual items with regards to the legs and animate them in the way a regular stop-motion puppet is animated…

I started by trying to draw the various shapes I wanted directly in Max, but my knowledge of the drawing tools was limited so I “cheated” and built the individual parts in SketchUp from scratch.

The image below was in fact done last of all, I created the leg segments and body in one file, but then saved them out separately… and only really assembled them in SketchUp afterwards…

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 16.19.49

Max it seems, now invites you to import non native file formats, so parsing them across for a test animation was straight forward enough… Though I imagine that optimising all those polys for use in UDK or something similar would take a fair amount of time.

Once in Max,  I had to assemble the model loosely and play with the lighting a little…


The rendering of the final animation frames also took a lot less time than I anticipated too.


Despite some early hiccups with the lighting… (not that I was too worried as it was the animation I was looking at).

002 …and here it is.

Short, but a lot of fun working on it this morning…

I guess I should think about RabbitHeart some more now…

You should also go check out what my colleague Dave Eccles has been up to as well… >HERE<, >HERE< and >HERE< both of us being newbies with this software…



~ by hesir on July 11, 2014.

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