“Art & Beer!” #2 – @FRuiT, Hull – 2/6/14

…So the second Something Entirely DifferentArt and Beer night happened…

Art and Beer Night 2

Great to see so many creatives turn out again… the spirit of the place was pretty optimistic and friendly as you might expect. Great also to see (and this will make me sound like an old man) so many recent graduates and current students in there mixing it up, and pulling their own creative projects together in and of their own volition.

Lots of discussion of on going projects, new projects and new partnerships, all with a view to enhancing the all ready vibrant creative sector manifest here in Hull – City of Culture @2017Hull and City of [Sub]Culture too…

Local edgy thesp’s, Middle Child Theatre, performed a live trailer on stage of their up coming performance/play Weekend Rockstar (see above, farleft)

Michael Barnes and Leeroy from Nautical Mile Comics brought a range of their publications and zines with their mini stall… A couple of which I picked up myself…

Michael Barnes

Alan (Snapper52) et al had their SED stall set out too… natch (see above mid-left).

An the inimitable Dom Li opened season on a summer of observational drawing sessions around the city and region with the Hull Urban Sketchers.

Matt Hardiman and Shay McGreal (below) discussed their beta project weheartart – An on line arts/creativity community with a local remit regarding those who sign up, but a national outlook when thing about positioning local creatives and their works in front of an audience or in the marketplace.

Matt and Shay

…as for me, I set up in an ad hoc kinda way (I kinda just turned up with stuff), and brought my comics as they stand, some sketchbooks, my portfolio of comics and concept work, and the old 10Meter Doodle roll

Art and Beer night 2 - 2Thanks to the fab the Little Minky Co. for taking these photos…

It was a little dark but, with this little beauty nicked from the Infinity Gauntlet, I was able to shed some light on the whole affair…

Me with Lights

All in all a top night, great chatting with old and new creative friends…


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