Mini Brief – Developing an Aesthetic theme… pt. 001

…used as part of the Technical Production Skills – Semester Two Yr 2 – Animation

Developing an Aesthetic theme.

 You are to explore and develop “an aesthetic” for a range of settings, scenarios, moods and atmospheres based on one of the concepts in the selected list (below).

Each of your Aesthetic Explorations should include:

  • Research into the psychology of images and symbolism (notes and visuals in the form of blog posts).
  • Mood boards that use colour palettes, textures, materials, objects, lighting schemes and related art and design elements.(notes in the form of blog posts, plus presentation boards – digital or traditional)
  • …and iconography from historical and contemporary sources (notes and visuals in the form of blog posts).
  • …and perhaps even typography.

 Your Subject Choices are:

The Seven Deadly Sins   /   The Muses   /   The Planets   /   Chess   /   The Senses


Suggested reading and research areas:

Try and evidence all the discussions, interviews and related reading you can find on the creation of aesthetic schemes that production designers, art directors, cinematographers, stage designers and others who must take these issues into account in their work, perhaps some reading around those practical subject areas might be a starting point.

As might reading further on psychology (Freud and Jung), semiotics, symbolism, colour theory and artistic composition.

There are interviews on many film DVDs that are available (and that you probably own or have access to at home) upon which designers discuss the reasoning for their artistic/design choices.

Also: Look at the work of Sarah Greenwood, Ben van Os & Jan Roelfs, Mark Friedberg, Dante Ferretti, David Boyd, Colin De Rouon & David A Koneff. Jack Cardiff, all of whom would make good staring points for your research into this project.

Additional task:
Should you wish to test your understanding of the symbolism of your chosen subject, how easily could you produce a set of icons/buttons for use on an app that reflected the meaning and symbolic language associated with those individual elements of your theme.

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