Developing an Aesthetic theme… pt. 002

…used as part of the Technical Production Skills – Semester Two Yr 2 – Animation

Developing an Aesthetic theme, continued…

Based upon explorations from pt. 001 of this brief, and your development of an aesthetic for a range of settings, scenarios, moods and atmospheres based on a selected list (below).

The Seven Deadly Sins   /   The Muses   /   The Planets   /   Chess   /   The Senses

…you are to create a rapid outlet for your research in the form of either:


A – a set of chairs surrounding a table, where the table reflects the overarching theme, and the chairs represent the individual aspects or elements.

I.e the table might represent inspiration in the case of the Muses, while two of the chairs would represent Poetry and Music respectively.

The table and chairs need not be formal, nor follow a rigid underlying aesthetic.

Your personally developed theme is priority!

You could choose a casual setting with beanbag and sofa style seating around a coffee table or formal chairs around a banquet table. That choice is yours.


B – A set of animal* masked costumes, including the central feature of a meeting place for those animals.

*This can be an imaginary animal made up of the symbolic attributes of several other animals (see Gryphons etc.)

The costumes could be theatrical, ritualistic or for some other purpose (who else wears costumes and why?). That choice is yours.

All your designs would eventually be used in a film/animation setting, but you should concentrate on the design.

  • For the purposes of this exercise you will be expected to produce a design for the central and at least two or three of the individual elements fully. And be clear as to how you would choose to animate the piece (digital 2D, Trad 2D, 3D digital or stop motion), this eventuality should be reflected in your designs obviously.

You should finalise your ideas as “presentation boards”, submitted to your blogs as well as being ready for print.

This project can be used as part of your portfolio, and your Self-Initiated project evidence (aesthetics, and symbolism can after all be used as tools to enhance or underpin story).

In which case you may wish to continue the exercise and produce a full set.

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