TV Doodling… Pt. 001

Drawing from the TV… infinitely better than just slavishly watching it… and even though its not Observational Drawing in the truest sense (beyond gesture and movement – as its still flattened), it’s better exercise than drawing from photographs, or worse Google Image ref…

But hey, don’t listen to me… The late great Walt Stanchfield says it better…

IMAG8818-1…so I personally try not to now.

And to be fair its a whole bunch of fun…

Scan 107

“True Detective”.

Scan 103

…and “Musketeers”.

Scan 105

…and more, you can see how some of my previous Musketeer doodles turned out >HERE<

Scan 102

“Henry and Anne”

Scan 106

…and my fave non-genre, GENRE friendly mainstream TV show, “Castle”.

ScanI’ll post some of the earlier stuff from “Monkey”, “Jurassic Park”, “7th Voyage of Sinbad”, “Wonder Woman” and other shows in the next post.

Meanwhile, go on, give it a go… What’s the worst that could happen?

You can also see the trailer for the excellent Walt Stanchfield “Drawn to Life”, two Volume set, of his notes and animation masterclasses >HERE< that the above quote comes from.

An invaluable addition to both animators and illustrators bookshelves…

~ by hesir on March 10, 2014.

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