Storyboarding Exercise (working alongside my students) – “A City Unconvinced by Gravity…” – pt 1

So… we started a little project a few weeks back, and I thought it might be an idea to lead by example and show the students the sort of thing they could pull together.

So where to start?

Well this was the first image I made… I wanted to explore something that reflected the state in the opening lines that suggested things freely hanging in space/air impossibly, the black, dense weight of objects and machinery held aloft by some magic or unseen powers.

Scan 99

So this shot (the more heavily rendered one above), a worms eye view looking up at the underside of a loading/landing platform became my starting point…

Meanwhile I began to thumbnail the shapes of buildings (the extract we were looking at describes a dark, future-flung Dickensian city), and playing with architecture infected with later architectural forms… cancerous architectural additions (like those found in the works of Lebbeus Wood).

Scan 95

These building would be buzzed and nudged by thrumming bee like blimps and ships (aerostats)…

Scan 96

…all the while the air around the buildings would be choking with other life, insects, airborne predators exponentially larger, a living buzzing food-chain explaining itself between the choking air-con units and pipes of the city.

Scan 98

These creature designs were just a starting point in order to imagine the types of shot I might wish to devise so best to show these creatures interacting… For one of the creatures I imagined something like a vulture in shape just with more “human hand”-esque claws and a face made up of cuttlefish style tentacles and uneven asymmetric eyes…

So… after a few quick thumbnails I made my first sequential images…

Scan 97 x…and without waiting to complete the entire sequence began a quick test animatic too.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 20.04.01Animatics can of course have a little (not quite full on animated) movement, so using Adobe AfterEffects, and then Premiere I threw the first few story board panels together with a little sound (sound somehow adds pace in a way no visual controls will – outside of comics)…

Next? Well, more storyboard panels… working through the sequences in the text, and more test Animatics before looking at the overall timings…


~ by hesir on February 28, 2014.

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