Storyboarding Mini-Brief – “A City Unconviced by Gravity…”

This project was set for my Year 1 Games Designers as part of their additional Monday sessions called Technical Production Skills.

In this session we look at elements of the production and creative thinking process that may be not as fully explored by the students as they could be… Storyboarding is invariably one of these elements.

The brief can be given as following:

A – Read the following extract.

(This abstract could be any text, I chose something that suggested a possible set of establishing shots as seen in many films from Blade Runner to The Panic Room*)

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 18.47.12

B – Develop this text into a storyboard that acts as “pre-production development” for a film or animation, considering that this might be an intro sequence of around 2-3, certainly no more than 5mins.

You may wish to read around the subject of storyboarding as discussed in other sessions. You may also wish to take your storyboards to the next level and produce and Animatic (perhaps even with a basic soundtrack).

This should be completed within a three week period, with an interim session after the first week.

Check out these animatics – Example 1Example 2Example 3

* This extract is from the excellent book found >HERE< by >THIS< guy (one of my favourite authors). – check out the text online HERE.


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