“Sushi..!” – Quick Key Frame Animation Sketches

…after playing with the musketeer images yesterday I thought I’d try a couple more quick Key Frame doodles.

First up a woman’s face, contorting as she is plagued by a fly…

Flies and Fings

Then, falling back on old habits (and Cthulhu references), tentacles…

I drew the boneless body shape straight onto the page with no real consideration of the appendages, simply using the basic bounce squash and stretch principle to create a form that resembled a balloon full of water for the boneless body sac of the Octopoid.

Then it was a case of drawing the tentacles in one by one (you can see where I counted them off at the top of the page).

Without the ability to onion-skin this was really just luck over judgement, with the hope that it might work when put together… I knew it would be rough and ready, but this is only a test animation after all.

When I got it all to a scanner, I was tempted to just animate the tentacles, portrait… with no real stylistic thought beyond the exercise.

But once in Photoshop I created a 16:9 frame and I shifted the body of the creature over to the left of the composition (roughly rule of thirds, etc), and ran the animation together, with blank backgounds behind each frame created in PS from the scan of the clean area of the page.

Sushi - Composition

…then felt that there was something else missing.

Sushi Man Face Pieces

The simple addition of the persons face adds a basic narrative (I can’t help but think of that scene from Oldboy… I’m sorry, but it’s welded into my brain – hence the title of the piece)…

Sushi Screen

So with that, the the animation now had a kind of basic interaction going on… and in keeping with the long tradition of animation and animated cartoons, some thing distasteful (pardon the pun) about it. Score!

Clearly this would all work better with a few more frames (there are only six here technically)

Sushi Xc

…but I might just save that for something a little more planned out further down the line.

I do plan to colour this, just to help differentiate the tentacles a little…

‘Til then this was just a bit of fun.

~ by hesir on February 19, 2014.

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