Animated Musketeer – Part 1

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So… after watching some of the great TV inspired sketches by the likes of Alisdair Wood, Ian McQue, Karl Kopinski and others appear on Twitter, I had a little fun doodling out some of my own… (despite missing what looks like the great (fun) series these guys are watching until now).

Musketeers 001

…In my case, some of the sketches started to become quicker, looking at the movement of the characters rather than detail of costume or concerns with the characterisation in their faces.

Musketeers 003 Sketches

…and I began to wonder about animating them. I’d been looking through this great book on drawing for animation, “Force” by Mike Mattesi… and wondering if I could have a go myself.

So I drew up some sketches (straight in with the pen, no pencils) that I might be able to animate, or at least run together as a key-frame animatic.

Musketeers 002

I then took the frames I thought worked well together and dropped them into Photoshop and scaled and lined them up as best as I could… and animated them using the simple animation, frame by frame tools in PS.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.15.48

I used just 8 frames using two of the images twice in the sequence (images 1 & 4).

The Swordsman frames only - 001Click to Enlarge

Then hit play.

Plus some other tests and sketches…


~ by hesir on February 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “Animated Musketeer – Part 1”

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