Book List 001 – Art/Drawing

The books below I’ve tried to catagorise in order to help those with a limited budget or book space… I’ll place those I’ve found to contain the most useful advice (written and unwritten) higher up each of the lists, and even the lists themselves will be arranged in order of importance (my opinion obviously), I’ll also keep the lists short, only adding those books that I think are truly essential reads or image texts. I’ve omitted many books that I own and enjoy that lead toward a more contemporary fine art outcome, books that evangelise mark making and expression over true form, perspective and anatomy. I have done this to avoid encouraging running before walking…

For books on finished concept image making, painting, illustration rather than just (the under-structure of) drawing look >HERE<

Artists Sketchbooks and Collections of Drawings:

The Drawings of… – Heinrich Kley (Dover)

The Bird King (and other sketches) – Shaun Tan

The Hallowed Seam (Process, Recess Vol 3) – James Jean

All Over Coffee / Everything Is Its Own Reward – Paul Madonna

The Treasury of American Pen & Ink Drawing 1881-1938 – Various (Dover)

The Gibson Girl and Her America – Charles Dana Gibson (Dover)

Robots/Spacedudes/Flying Ships/etc – Ian McQue

An Illustrated Life – Dan Gregory

Art is Work – Milton Glaser

Paris Sketchbook – Fabrice Moireau

…and anything featuring the drawings of Rembrandt/Da Vinci/Durer and Michaelangelo

The Fundamentals of Drawing – or The “How to…” Books”:

Dynamic Anatomy – Burne Hogarth

Force, Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators – Michael D. Mattesi

Drawn To Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes (Vols 1 & 2) – Walt Stanchfield

Art Fundamentals – Gilles Beloeil, Andrei Riabovitchev and others…

How to Draw (Drawing and Sketching Objects and Environments from Your Imagination) – Thomas Bertling & Scott Robertson

and… Tanks, and How To Draw Them (pub 1943), – Terence T. Cuneo – Although very specific in title and seemingly in content, the text in this book covers a lot of valuable stuff that is transferable to anyone interested in improving their drawing technique – I was sure this would’ve been out of print, but it looks like Coachwhip have republished it as a thick pamphlet and its possible to pick up copies online.

…anything that features drawing by Scott Robertson, Will Eisner, Alex TothDave Stevens and Doug Chiang.

Other lists of books covering other topics/mediums/genres can be found in the side bar of the main page of this blog… WIP

Some useful web sites and links… WIP

Oh, and I can’t help it… I love this clip… Everyone who avoids drawing and still wants to be a creative should be made to watch it.

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