3D Design/Exhibitions/Events brief 004 – “Adaptation” (open outcome version).

Broad in scope, these briefs will incorporate elements of professional practice based on my experience of industry balanced with an exploration of the various and multifaceted roles and responsibilities within the ever increasing career set we call “the creative industries“.
As portfolio builders these briefs can stand alone.
This project has been previously refined into more focused briefs looking specifically at digital Games and Board Games.



In the wide world of entertainment media the development or re-imagining of existing ideas has been a staple of the production houses method of developing new properties.

Hamlet + Animated Anthropomorphism = The Lion King

Hamlet + Gritty Urban Setting = Sons of Anarchy

The Tempest = Classic Fifties SciFi = The Forbidden Planet

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes + Medical Slant + Contemporary Urban Setting = House

The development of a “Pitch” including Pre-Vis for an entertainment project of this type brings together a variety of visualisation and related creative skill sets; illustration/concept art, costume design, scriptwriters, casting agents, storyboard artists, set designers/production designers.

Stage Management and Event Management teams may need to liaise with local authorities and/or specific site owners as well as the individual creative teams to bring projects together on time and under budget.

The project below is just such a case. This project should allow the student to understand the breath and scope of a medium to large scale project of this type as well as understand the collaborative nature of this type of work.

Beyond that the students will be able to explore more closely a chosen specialism within the collaboration skill sets investigated.


In this project we will ask you to consider the adaptation of an existing idea, story or theme into a new entity in the form of an original performance/visual event, opera, stage play, light-show, film (live action or animation) or computer game (other media will be considered in consultation with your tutors), street theatre.

Part 1 – Holistic Overview

You will be asked to research and make notes in your “day books” on the various creative roles and tasks that might be engaged or take place in such an adaptation, and in consultation with your tutor, to consider which roles or tasks you feel you may wish to pursue in order to produce a piece of work within the this framework.

You will need to research (in some depth) the idea, story or theme taken from an existing example of entertainment media (a novel, a film, play or opera, a piece of music, a song lyric, radio play, a painting, a game, a myth, etc) in order to understand fully the various elements that will need to be adapted or designed.

You will also be asked to explore and research existing or prior examples of such adaptations from one media to another that you feel have been successful and alternatively any you feel have failed, making notes and visuals to support your opinions in your “day books”.

With the above research in mind you are asked to develop a series of preliminary designs based on your overview of the entire project as you envisage it. Making notes on the specific elements you would have to consider in your adaptation.

Part 2 – Specialisation

Finally, in consultation with your tutor, you will be asked to take on a specific role or roles looking at one element in particular from within your overall design (in line with your chosen lines of study) and taking this element beyond the basic development stage through to a finalised design/outcome.

(For example if you were considering adapting a novel into a performance event you may wish to take on the role of costume designer, or adapting a myth into a computer game you may wish to act as production designer and develop a particular in-game environment or set-design; or alternatively if adapting a piece of music into a stage-play you might want to take on the role of graphic designer and develop a poster or other publicity materials for the play.)

Part 3 – Presentation

Your final task will be to present your proposal as a group to an outside agency/group/individual as well as your peers and tutors/lecturers. This presentation should show elements of the development process but primarily focus on the “Pitch” of your idea.


See also this useful guide/information organisation – Skillset

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