3D Design/Exhibitions/Events brief 003 – “Public Space”

Broad in scope, these briefs will incorporate elements of professional practice based on my experience of industry balanced with an exploration of the various and multifaceted roles and responsibilities within the ever increasing career set we call “the creative industries“.
As portfolio builders these briefs can stand alone.



The public space, whatever its eventual or evolving utilisation by the people that live in proximity to it, has been at the heart of the fort, village, town and city and their associated culture from ancient times. Via the Greco-Roman forum, the Norse “Thing“, the City Square and the Victorian municipal gardens we have come, over time, to re-imagine a vast array of interpretations of these gathering spaces.

In the development of contemporary instances of these spaces, the commissioning of specialists along side design consultancies, engineers, architects and space planners to fulfill the various roles within a larger project’s design proposal is needed.

Project Management teams may liaise with local authorities and/or specific location owners as well as the individual creative teams to bring projects together on time and under budget.

The project types below is just such cases. These projects should allow the student to understand the breath and scope of a medium to large scale project of this type as well as understand the collaborative nature of this type of work.

Beyond that the students will be able to explore more closely a chosen specialism within the collaborative skill sets investigated.


You are asked to imagine the proposal of a new inner city public space development. This could take the form for example of a town square, park, riverside development, heritage walk, or the communal outdoor space of a retail/industrial park etc.

Part 1 – Holistic Overview

At the start of this project you will be asked to discuss in groups and later to collect research (this could included at least one field trip to similar spaces – if not elsewhere, without doubt within your own town or city) considering what elements are typically employed in the make up of these public spaces; for example, landscaping/gardens, outdoor-seating, lighting (both ambient and practical) and technology (large plasma screen technology?), way-finding signage, water features, public art/sculpture, performance areas, information points and signage etc, as well as what disciplines and creative roles and professions would be employed in the development of such a scheme.

You will need to record all your findings, considerations, discussion outcomes and initial ideas via your “day books”, blogs and other recording media.

You are asked to develop a brief for such a project in consultation with your tutor.

Following the agreement of your proposal you will be asked to develop designs and ideas for the overall scheme. You are encouraged to work in a creative and innovative way and your work should bring together at least two different disciplines from the lists below:

Part 2 – Specialisation

Finally you will need to take on one of the specific creative roles you have identified in your earlier research and produce a final outcome, design or proposal for a particular element within your overall design. For example if you are interested in graphic design you may wish to develop a scheme and aesthetic for the way-finding signage within the scheme, or if you are interested in architectural metal work you may wish to bring together a proposal for a set of decorative park entrance gates. The furniture designers and sculptors amongst you may wish to design “feature” seating.

Part 3 – Presentation

You will be required to present your final outcomes as if you where to present them to an actual client, using the appropriate media and materials and quality of finish to your chosen discipline. This could take the form of presentation boards, a design “bible” or document, a presentation model, or a digital presentation etc.

Part 4 – De-Brief & Evaluation

Finally following the completion of the outcomes you will be asked to come together as your wider peer-group and de-brief the projects, using this valuable “crit” for making notes in your day-books on the discussions and thoughts of yourself and others on this collaborative creative/design process.

See also this useful guide/information organisation – Skillset

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